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Amazing i-lipo

Would you like to lose centimetres off your body without needles, pain or surgery?

  • Winter hibernation taken its toll on your body?
  • Trying to get back into shape after pregnancy?
  • Trying to drop a dress size for a special occasion?
  • Not losing weight in specific areas or losing weight in unwanted areas?
  • Scared of the surgeon’s knife.
  • Tired of yo-yo dieting?

Amazing i-lipo uses lipolysis technology and is a non-evasive procedure.

The i-Lipo system won the “Best Slimming Treatment” at coveted French consumer award “Les Victoires de la Beauté” in France.

What is i-lipo?

Amazing i-lipo is a non-evasive laser treatment that targets specific fat areas, shrinking the fat cells, and disperses the fat into lymph nodes and out the body.

Using a laser, Amazing i-lipo penetrates through the skin to the third layer, the Hypodermis. Through distorting the cellular membranes the laser is able to release glycerol, water and free fatty acids found in the cells, therby reducing the size of your fat cells.

The excess fatty liquids are absorbed into the venous system and removed through the lymphatic system. The body then works the released liquids out through heat and energy over the next 24 hours, a 30 minute exercise routine is highly recommended in this period, otherwise the excess fat liquid subtracted will be reabsorbed into the fat cells.

One Amazing i-lipo session can remove approximately 200 – 400 calories!

Book your session to a slimmer you now.

Watch the Amazing i-lipo video

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